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endorseMe® "How to" Tutorials

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The following tutorials relate mostly to non Career Central Schools, the dashboard may look slightly different for Career Central Schools.

How to Login as a Coordinator 

Navigating the Dashboard

How to add a New Student

How to Endorse a Student Online

How to View/Enter/Edit Student Endorsements

How to View/Enter/Edit Student Achievements

How to add an External Endorser

How to View an External Endorser

How to assign a Student to an External Endorser

How to add a New Staff Member manually

How to Edit Student Details

External Endorsers

How to Login as an External Endorser

How to View Student Endorsements as an External Endorser

How to Endorse a Student as an External Endorser

How to Endorse a Student in the Smartphone App

Staff Members

How to Login as a Staff Member

How to Endorse a Student as a Staff Member

Helpdesk - [email protected]

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