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SSEP is a registered trademark and framework developed by Smart Waikato Trust.   Use of the SSEP brand will be granted to third parties (e.g. schools and employers) on condition that activities between schools and industry meet criteria outlined in the SSEP Third Party Brand Use Agreement.

I understand that SSEP means:
i.  each participating Year 9 or 10 class sees a minimum of three different employers across the year to enable exposure to multiple industries important to the local economy
ii. each employer has a minimum annual contact of one in-class and one workplace visit per class (preference is for three points of contact)
iii. SSEP activities are curriculum focused with links to industry/workplace application

I understand that SSEP is not:

i. ad hoc, stand-alone classroom visits or field trip
ii. work experience or employment
iii. entirely careers focused with no links to curriculum

I have read and agree to the specific guidelines established to protect the brand, logo, product and intellectual property of SSEP.