FutureForce® Careers Hub is a student-facing digital platform that profiles career pathways, employers, and industries, and features a regional job board and career planning tools. The overall purpose of FutureForce® is to keep young people connected, informed and engaged as they prepare for their futures.

FutureForce® capitalizes on their online presence with over 2.3k+ followers 
on their socials and over 65k+ users on their website. With the use of powerful marketing tools, they are also able to reach over 100k+ individuals and effectively showcase employers and their opportunities to generate engagement.

To find out more about FutureForce® contact Sally Birch [email protected]

FutureForce® Job Board

The FutureForce® Job Board is a forum promoting workplace opportunities, including employment, work experience, internships, cadetships or apprenticeships.

Employers can register job opportunities at no cost. Listings are automatically shared with Waikato based work brokers and secondary and tertiary educators.

FutureForce® Mini Mag

The full copy of the FutureForce® Mini Mag is available in an interactive digital format!

For Employers

Are you eager to showcase your business and attract young people to your sector? Want to play a part in Waikato’s trusted career pathway  guide? Then check out what we can do to help with that.

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