FutureForce® Multimedia Hub is designed to give Waikato youth, their parents, and teachers real, impartial and practical information on careers in their region. Each year, thousands of copies of the annual FutureForce® Careers Resource volume are distributed free to throughout Waikato secondary schools.

FutureForce® profiles young staff working in key Waikato industries, career planning tools and tips, leads and information on great Waikato workplaces, work readiness information and much more.

FutureForce® 2020 – 2021

The full copy of the 2020 – 2021 edition of FutureForce® Careers Resource is available in an interactive digital format – a first for FutureForce®!

FutureForce® Job Board

The FutureForce® Job Board is a forum promoting workplace opportunities, including employment, work experience, internships, cadetships or apprenticeships.

Employers can register job opportunities at no cost. Listings are automatically shared with Waikato based work brokers and secondary and tertiary educators.