Our Activities

SmartNZ has partnered with over 300 businesses, organisations, schools, iwi and government agencies to deliver our programmes. Our initiatives are practical and effectively support youth transitioning from education to employment.

Read more on our initiatives below.


Secondary School Employer Partnerships

Secondary School Employer Partnerships (SSEP) is an award-winning initiative raising students aspirations, resulting in higher achievement, retention and better transitions.

endorseMe® Employability Record

endorseMe® is a digital tool purposefully designed to help identify, develop and record work-readiness skills based on the New Zealand Employability Skills Framework.

FutureForce® Multimedia

FutureForce® Careers consists of a variety of both print and digital media and is designed to give young people, their parents and teachers real, impartial and practical information on careers. FutureForce® features profiles of young staff working in key industries, career planning tools and tips, leads and information on workplaces, work-readiness information and much more.

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